Playing is an unquestionable right for children and young people (Article 31 HRC) and constitutes a basic activity in the life and global development of people.

I have a right to relax and play!

Article 31 of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) says that children and young people have the right to have fun in the way they want to, whether by playing sports, watching films, or doing something else entirely. They have the right to rest, too.

The Decalogue of the Games

According to the Decalogue of the game elaborated by the Barcelona Lab and Barcelona Juga Platform ( , the game is: 

1) CULTURE: interpretation of the world, 

2) CRITERIA: when we play we make decisions, 

3) FUN: the game is entertainment 

4) CHALLENGE: the game brings personal progression,

5) EQUALITY: respect for the rules within a pact of equality, 

6) EXPERIMENTATION: the game makes us think and tests our emotions in an environment of security 

7) UNDERSTANDING: Explaining a set of rules as an exercise 

8) SOCIETY: it brings friends closer, 

9) KNOWLEDGE, awaken us to know more,

10) FREEDOM: Without the voluntary acceptance of the rules there is no game.

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