The Domus Ludens Project – A House that Plays – Has started!

On-line kick-off meeting

The Goals for the meeting were the following:

  • To get to know each other and establish a good working atmosphere
    Presentation of partner representatives
  • To create common ground and a good structure for the partnership
  • To clarify all relevant issues concerning the working plan and the budget
  • To create a baseline for the development of the project products
  • In the meeting, the partners established a joint work plan, ensuring a shared vision of the project and a thorough consensus and understanding of project management tools, agreement on the plan and requirements to be used during the project.

Partners set the tone for an interesting and fruitful collaboration!

2nd Transnational Meeting - Germany

After many months of complicated planning and many cancellations due to the Covid19- pandemic, the international Domus Ludens project team met in Hamburg, Germany. The meeting was focused on the presentation of the results of the pre-test phase, the follow-up of the pilots and the discussion on the post-test phase.


Additionally, the partnership had lively discussions on the final products of the Game Board and the Ludic Agent Manual with excellent conclusions.

It is a fact that face-to-face cooperation and personal contact have enriched the project since we met in Germany.

3rd Transnational Meeting - Poland

Partners meet for the third time face-to-face in Warsaw at the 3rd Transnational Meeting. This time, the host was FSR, who gave the partners a friendly reception.

On the first day, the meeting was at the headquarters of FSR to review the work done on IO3 and the primary shreds of evidence after the data collection.

The rest of the day partners discussed general management and financial issues of the project. In the afternoon we have time to visit the city center and taste the famous Poland dumplings!

The results of the face-to-face meeting have demonstrated how personal contact and relationships enrich collaboration among partners.

International Ludic Agent Meeting

Coming soon!