Local trainings

After the Ludic Agent Training activity held in Girona 20-24 September 2021, trained trainers from the 3 service providers that are part of the  Domus Ludens partnership ((Für Soziales, Fundacja Samodzielni  Robinsonowie and Resilis) came back and trained other professionals within their organizations.

In total 3 local trainings were held during October 2021.

-Local training in Fundació Resilis (Spain)

-Local training in Fundacja Samodzielni  Robinsonowie (Poland)

-Local training in Für Soziales (Germany)

The local trainings allowed to expand the knowledge learnt by the senior trainers to a wide array of professionals.  More than 40 professionals from Spain, Germany and Poland were trained to become Ludic agents.

Local Pilots

The youth workers trained locally as ludic agents from Spain, Germany and Poland will participate in a pilot experience of 8 months during which they will test the Board Games guidelines and the Ludic Agent Manual and will implement on a practical level the right to play in the residential care services where they work. Pilots will last from November 2021 to June 2022.