Local Pilots

The general objective of the Domus Ludens project has been to promote the “right to play” of children and youngsters living in residential centres, by carrying out a pilot test of eight months of board game sessions per week.

The youth workers were trained locally as ludic agents from Spain, Germany and Poland to participate in this Local Pilots. During eight months they tested the Board Games guidelines and the Ludic Agent Manual and implemented on a practical level the right to play in the residential care services where they work.


In order to assess whether regular, structured and professionally guided play has a positive impact on the “well-being” of this particularly vulnerable target group and to analyse what cognitive, emotional and social skills can be developed through regular play, the Liberi research team of the University of Girona has been in charge of evaluating the pilot programme.

The object of the evaluation of the pilots were boys and girls between 13 and 17 years of age in residential centres who wished to participate voluntarily in the pilot project and who were expected to remain in the centre until the end of the pilot experience.

Pilots lasted from November 2021 to June 2022. When Pilots were over, each organization decided to continue the game session in centers to keep the play culture alive and allow children to play!